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I’ve worn a few hats over the years. I spent 15 years in healthcare and medical settings, so I had an introduction to medical terminology at an early age. Being a lover of words, I had an affinity for this dense Latin and ancient Greek nomenclature. What fascinated me is that it follows such a deceptively logical system (for example, the prefix “ortho” always means “straight”). Something that looks really daunting, like the nine-syllable pyopneumopericardium, simply means “pus and gas/air in the pericardial sac”. Broken down: “pyo” = pus; “pneumo” = air; “peri” = around or surrounding; “cardio” (from the Greek kardiá) = heart.

I concern myself with these words because I enjoy it! These days, donning the hat of voiceover artist and narrator means that this background of strange medical words dovetails nicely with where I am now.

Okay, but what does this mean to you?
It means you are in really good hands with your medical narration project.

How do I sound?
My audio sample on this page demonstrates my range, quality, and variety of accent modulation (authentic North American to British, or anything in between) .

How is the audio quality?
My private studio and recording equipment are what you would find and expect from any world-class audio production facility. I am happy to record a sample of your script for free to give you a taste of the finished product.


You have invested in your content, in your target audience, and in your reputation.

Don’t cut corners now and trust your voiceover to just anybody.

I do this all the time, and I will not settle for giving you anything less than the best!

Please have a listen to my demos, and feel free to download the audio.


“Nick is wonderful to work with! He was able to turn our VO around really quickly, and took direction really well. We’re pumped to work with him again!”
– Megan H.
“We’ve had Nick do several voiceovers for our agency. He’s always responsive and helpful, and his recordings are high quality – crisp and clear.”
– Travis H.
“I love that he has his own professional set-up and that I can just send off a script and it comes back perfect.”
– Susan M.
“Nick was fantastic, quick turn around and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a voice over.”
– Andrew P.
“Nick Wyard was so wonderful and easy to work with! I definitely plan on collaborating with him in the future.”
– Seth G.
“It’s a pleasure to work with Nick! It’s really important for me that I can provide my clients a recording they’re 100% satisfied with. It’s great when you know an actor is really committed to a project!”
– Sara D.
“I highly recommend Nick! His great communication and meticulous attention to detail make him easy to work with. Thanks, Nick!”
– Allison S.
“I love the presence of your voice.”
– Francois D.
“It was a pleasure working with you on our recent project. Your ability to meet our deadline and attention to detail was most appreciated. We look forward to working with you again.”
– Randy S.


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Skype: nickwyard
Telephone: (416) 737-3964